Six Months to Live

Six Months to Live

When I was 16 I begged my dad for a drum kit. He reluctantly agreed with one condition – I had to be playing in a band within 6 months or he’d sell the drums. Six months passed quickly. I was horrible. Fortunately, there were no better drummers around so I got the gig in the local school band. I quickly improved playing with folks that were better than me – I had to rise to the occasion. A few years later I found myself playing semi-professionally for thousands of people.

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. What are you going to be doing different six months from now? Take up the challenge you’ve been avoiding but wanting to do. Then find someone to hold you accountable.

Wanting to learn another language? Make a pledge to yourself that by June 2011 you will spend an evening with someone communicating only in the language you’ve been studying.

Wanting to play on the worship team? Buy the instrument and start practicing. Plan to be in a band in 6 months even if you still aren’t very good.

Change your life this next year – do something now!

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”
– Epictitus