In my youth I was confident;
Now I’m not so sure.

In my youth I’d so much to offer;
Now, well … I wonder.

In my youth I was bold;
Now I look before I leap.

In my youth I was complete;
Now, half the man I used to be.

In my youth He began a process;
A thorough work for sure.

He broke the perfect man I was
Down to this weak thing on the floor.

Couldn’t he have used me when I had so much to give?
Back before He ruined me and strained me through His sieve.

My confidence is returning, but its foundation is the truth;
That the process that He started, He will follow through.

Relentless, He will make me into who I need to be,
Though painful, hard and humbling; Pure Gold He wants to see.

Philippians 1:6