My Brother: An Overnight Success Story

My Brother: An Overnight Success Story

Yesterday my brother’s website got well over 10,000 unique viewers in one day.  That’s no small accomplishment.  You’ve probably never heard of his website, but it’s a big deal in some circles.

How did he get so many people to look at his website in one day?

I wish I could say he was an overnight success.  But he wasn’t.  He’s been working faithfully on updating that site for the past 4+ years.  He spends hours on research and hours on writing.  He works hard.

Cold Fact #1:  There is no such thing as an overnight success.  Sure, people can often get their 10 minutes of fame and MTV takes bimbos and makes them famous in short order.  But I wouldn’t consider that a success.  It’s fame.  Success comes from long hard hours of work and more work.  It comes from being faithful.

Kudos to my brother!  Now, I really need to get to work.  I have a younger brother who is making me look lazy.  🙂