Cheating Time

Cheating Time

Is it possible that the reason many Christians are bored with their spiritual walk today is because they play it safe?

Jesus told the story of a guy who played it safe. (Matt. 25:14) He took some money his master gave him to invest and buried it.  When the master returned the timid servant basically said, “Here, I broke even.”  The master was angry.  Jesus seems to indicate that breaking even isn’t enough in life.  He wants, yea demands, more from us.  We are called to do great things for His glory.

That requires seizing opportunities and taking risks.

“Opportunity and security are inversely proportionate.  As one increases, the other must decrease.  High returns are gained from low-risk strategies only through the passage of time.  He who will cheat time must embrace the risk of failure.” (Roy Williams)

Do something exciting today.  Don’t be safe.  Do something risky for the glory of God.  Talk to someone you totally don’t know.  Pay for a stranger’s lunch and see how they respond.  Call that person you’ve been avoiding and make amends.

One warning: Don’t be surprised if incredible things start happening around you when you embrace this lifestyle.