Exercise Makes Me Really Thor

Exercise Makes Me Really Thor

I read an interview with the actor that played Thor.  The dude was mega-ripped in the movie.  He was on a super strict diet and workout regimen for months.  He said it was rough.

“Man, I wish I could do that,” you say?  I think you can.  If a director told you he’d pay you 1 million dollars to be in his movie if you got ripped, I’m willing to bet most of us would do whatever it takes to get into shape.  Hire a trainer. Hire a personal chef.

The problem is – we don’t want it bad enough.  The people that have the physique, job, financial situation or life we want all put in the work on the front end.  They passed up instant gratification and went for the big results that come with time and consistency.

Someone once said, “It’s the stuff no one sees that brings the results everyone wants.”

If you want it bad enough to make some sacrifices you can:

Get out of debt.
Get into shape.
Keep your marriage strong.
Restore trust and confidence in an ailing marriage.
Find your dream job.
Learn to play an instrument.
Learn a foreign language.
Read the entire Bible.
Memorize scripture.
Get out of the bad dating relationship you are in.

You can do this.  Really.