Reversing the Effects of Dr. Pepper

Reversing the Effects of Dr. Pepper

Someone once told me when I was young that cranberry juice counteracts the deleterious effects of Dr. Pepper on my gut.  The sage who gave me that tip added one caveat: You have to drink as much cranberry juice as Dr. Pepper.

I liked that concept.  It was simple.  I just needed to keep balanced on DP and cranberry juice consumption.

I’m convinced that sometimes we see our spiritual walk that way.  Without realizing it we think the message and music on Sunday will help us counteract the harmful effects of the world on our soul.

But the truth is:  A thirty-five minute message on Sunday won’t compensate for the dozens of hours of crap fed into your mind through the news, TV and movies during the week.

You see, from the moment you walk out the doors of your church you are slapped in the face with soul-rotting messages.  From the skanky lady on the car battery billboard to the sarcasm on sitcoms there is no possible way that even the best of sermons can compete with that.

The only way you can counteract it is with an ongoing binge of the Bible.  Chug it hard in the morning and then take a few nips at various intervals during the day.  You also might want to consider limiting your consumption of harmful other substances.  Now, if you’ll excuse me all this ranting has made me thirsty.