When Your Lucky Star Goes Backwards

When Your Lucky Star Goes Backwards

If you follow the orbit of Mars for any amount of time you might see something disturbing.  There are times when Mars actually stops and starts going backwards.  It’s called retrograde motion.

In reality, nothing has actually changed – Mars is still flying forward in its orbit around the sun.  What has changed is our perspective of the orbit from earth.  If you had skybox seats for the universe you wouldn’t notice anything particularly different happening.  But from earth it can look like the universe is out of control.

When God has given you a vision to shoot for the stars it’s really important that you keep an eye on the big picture.  It’s really easy to get caught up focusing on how one particular part of the plan is progressing.  It can be really discouraging when in the normal course of God’s plan things seem to start moving backwards.  You have to hold on in those times and trust God is working on the big picture.

Even if it seems your dream is moving backwards you can trust that if you are being obedient God is moving the dream he placed in your heart forward according to his plan.

The video below explains how retrograde motion works.