College Math Books for Poor Kids

College Math Books for Poor Kids

Look closely at the two pictures above.  Go from top to bottom.

When I worked at the front office of a church I would regularly get calls like this:

“Hi, I’d like to donate a TV to the church.  It doesn’t work, but I figured if they got it fixed the church would have a free TV.”

Part of me says I should give people credit.  At least they are trying to be generous.  But it always seems to bother me.  Mostly because I don’t think that giving really counts for anything unless you feel a loss.  Jesus seems to indicate that in Luke 21.

When you give up buying that bigger TV to give toward missions then it really means something.  There’s joy that comes with that kind of living.

I wonder if the reason lots of folks aren’t really happy is because they aren’t giving the right way.  Sure they’ll give when it’s convenient or is no real loss to them.  They’ll give away that college math book that they probably hated anyway.  But giving when it hurts is simply too uncomfortable.

Most of the happiest people I know are the most generous people I know.  Be generous this week to the point that you feel a loss.  You might be surprised to find some extra joie de vivre showing up in you.