Curing Early Morning Anger

Curing Early Morning Anger

This morning at 6:00am I was comfortably ensconced at Whataburger reading, when a lady stormed in and started ranting.  She complained about all sorts of things.  It made me wonder how someone could be so angry that early in the morning.

Driving home around 7:00am I was nearly run off the road by a woman in a black SUV.  She was flying through a residential area with a fire in her eyes.  A cell phone was in one hand and lipstick in the other.  She looked frazzled.  Again I asked myself, “How do you get that wound up that early in the morning?”

I guess some people live their entire lives that way.  Angry.  Frazzled.  I can’t help but wonder what happens at those peoples’ homes in the morning.  Do they play heavy metal music to get wound up?  Are they fighting with family?

What really concerns me is I see some Christians living this same way.

Everyone is different, but I’m going to throw out what my gut-level instinct is on all this.  I think this happens because people don’t spend time in silence in the morning.  They don’t spend time with God.  I know it’s hard to get up a little earlier, but I really think the pay off is golden.

O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch. (Psalm 5:3)

Make a sacrifice of silence in the morning, then watch and see just what the Lord will do to bring you peace throughout the day.