I’m Forming a Scooter Gang

I’m Forming a Scooter Gang

I love my scooter.  It costs me about $3 per week in gas.  Plus, when I’m riding I feel part of everything going on around me.  I feel alive.  I’m out there in the open.

I only have two complaints:

  1. I’m way more vulnerable to getting hit than when I’m tucked away safely in a car.
  2. When I get off the scooter I don’t always smell so good.  I have that outdoorsy smell.  A combination of sweat and wind and exhaust.

Riding my scooter kind of reminds me of working with people.  It’s invigorating.  You feel alive when you are involved in other people’s lives.  But it can make you vulnerable to being hit pretty good too.  Often times you don’t smell as good as you want because it’s hard to stay clean.

In spite of all that I still think it’s worth it.  It’s way cheaper than the alternative of isolation in your safe vehicle.  And I’m also pretty convinced that God isn’t really going to care how we smell when we pull up to the gates of heaven.  He’s more worried about how big the scooter gang is that we brought behind us.