Why you SHOULD Take It Personally

Why you SHOULD Take It Personally

“Life just stinks man, don’t take it personally.”  Have you ever been told that?

I hate to be too philosophical or sound paranoid, but when things get really bad in this life and everything is tumult and chaos I believe you really should take it personally.

Here’s why: I’m convinced that God redeems everything that happens in this life for his glory and our joy.  You know, ala Romans 8:28.

I also believe that every challenge we face is a test from God.  His goal is to make us glorious and holy.  So whenever life throws a curveball that hits me in the face, I refuse to believe I’m simply a victim of a random act of violence.  I believe that I am being handed an opportunity to be conformed more to God’s image.

You see it’s a lot easier to act like a Christian, than to react like one.  When bad stuff happens we are presented with a choice.  A test has been given.  How am I going to react?  That’s where the rubber meets the road.

That said – It’s all personal.  Regardless of where the problem came from, I can take it as a personal challenge to react more like Christ.