The Making of a Hero

The Making of a Hero

My grandpa Malm was awarded a Silver Star for an act of bravery in World War 2.

You’d never have known it.  He worked in a scrap yard.  He wasn’t an eloquent orator.  He wasn’t a writer.   He was a normal mid-western fellow who worked 9-5.  But at one moment in time my normal grandpa did something heroic.

I never got to ask him about that experience.  I’ve heard he didn’t talk that much about it.  But the thing that it makes me realize is this:

Heroes are all normal people that made a decision to act regardless of the cost.

Some survived.  Some died.  Either way they deserve hero status.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but you’ll never reach hero status if you aren’t willing to be courageous and take a risk when the odds aren’t in your favor.