Jesus is for Losers

Jesus is for Losers

When I was a kid my dad took over as pastor of a church that was doomed to fail. It was eight miles outside the booming metropolis of Kerrville (pop. 15k). Chickens walked around in the parking lot. It was in a dirty old building. It might have survived in spite of all that, but what made it worse was the people. They were weird, weird, weird people.

The lady who played the organ spoke up every Sunday with a word she claimed was from Jesus. I have my doubts about that because Jesus seemed pretty articulate when he spoke. This was a lot of rambling.

There was another dude who lived on the property. He sold drugs from his house at the church. We found out because there was a police raid at the church once.

There was one biker guy who always got up and said strange things. He claimed he was “high on Jesus.”

Those folks had major issues. They would probably qualify as losers by most peoples’ standards. Those people were all drawn to my dad. I think I know why.

I have never met a man who is more like Jesus than my dad. Dad loves people – a lot. And people know it too. Dad even loves the loons. The losers.

I didn’t realize it until recently, but I think watching my dad with those weirdos gave me a pretty accurate picture of what Jesus’ ministry must have been like.

Jesus attracted losers. His mission seemed doomed to fail based on who ran with him. He didn’t just try to attract the social climbers. He went after the guys who smelled like fish. He even got an IRS agent. Yuck!

But once he was gone, a good majority of those losers gave their life (literally) for him.

It takes courage to love like Jesus loved (John 15:12) It means I’m going to have to be willing to spend time with some weird, loser-types that can be hard to love.

But, Jesus really is for losers. The loser writing this is really glad He is…