How to Hijack a Flight

How to Hijack a Flight

I used to work with a really smart lady.  She was quick and witty and really insightful.  But I didn’t really like hanging around her much because she was always bitter.  One day she shared with me a little about her history and I realized that one particular offense from her past was the root of all her bitterness.

I was thinking about her yesterday and I came to a conclusion.

I’m almost certain that the quickest way to hijack your future is to hold on to offenses.

I believe that God is flying the plane of my life.  He’s taking me somewhere.  But when I hold on to an offense I begin to focus on that event over and over.  I essentially storm the cockpit and say, “God, I’m taking over this plane and we are going back to Cleveland!”

Now, I believe God will ultimately get me where I need to go, but I can sure slow things down.  Holding on to bitterness is the quickest way to start flying in circles.  You keep circling back over the injustice and looking at it from thousands of different angles.

The danger is, sooner or later your plane will run out of fuel and you may end up crashing and burning on the site of that one offense.

I have to forgive offenses and trust that God is taking me to somewhere awesome – like Hawaii.


P.S.  This is a loose analogy; don’t start doggin’ my doctrine over it! Go with the spirit of what I’m saying J