Snow in June

Snow in June

Last week I hiked the Inca Trail with Matt Chandler and a bunch of guys.  It was a Summit Leaders trip.  I told them they wouldn’t need to prepare for rain.  It never rains in Cusco in June.

I was wrong.

Not only did it rain – it snowed and sleeted.  The worst part was that it all happened on the most challenging day of the hike.  We ascended from 9,500 to 14,000 ft that day.

I felt bad, we weren’t prepared.  But after the experience was over nearly everyone commented that the harsh weather made the climb all the more memorable.  They had made it through the hardest part of the climb in the worst possible circumstances.

Isn’t it weird how life works that way?  We look back at the worst of times and often remember them with the fondest of memories.  When we are going through it we hate it, but in reflection we see just how powerful the experience was in shaping us.

When my life is facing a steep ascent I have to remind myself that the struggle is where God makes me into who he wants me to be.