Responding to the Witchy Lady

Responding to the Witchy Lady

I went to our neighborhood pool yesterday. I didn’t know it was closed for kids’ swim lessons. A lady in the pool began berating me. “The pool is closed! You can’t come in here until noon!  Go!”

I stood there confused for a few seconds while she continued telling me to leave. As I walked away dozens of thoughts came to my mind of clever things I should have said. I’m sure I could have verbally assaulted her with statements that would have left her reeling for weeks, but I didn’t.

It’s frustrating having to be all “Christian” sometimes.  I know that “a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Pr. 15:1)  But sometimes, deep down, I really do want to stir up anger.

The thing I have to remember is that keeping the peace really does pay off.

That lady that started ranting at me for no apparent reason has to live with herself. I can come back to the pool at noon and she will be gone. But that poor lady probably has to go home to some real challenges. She has to live with her wound up emotions all day long. I’d bet she has strained relationships and doesn’t even know why.

When I gently surrender my right to defend myself I react correctly. It’s hard. But things that have value aren’t easy to come by. Peace is hard to come by.