The Rain in Spain…

The Rain in Spain…

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. I’m in Spain, but I’m gladder than helado that it finally rained on the South Texas plains. Call me crazy, but I check the weather from here to see if there’s going to be any precipitation pattering my poor dry yard.

Some places just south of Texas have been getting record amounts of rain. But not around my little yard. It’s been little to nada.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I often get frustrated wondering why some peoples’ lives get all the ‘rain’ and others are perpetually sitting in the dust staring at a cloudless sky?

Sometimes the ones that get all the rain aren’t even following the rules. You know, they live irresponsibly but seem to have all this good stuff happening. Meanwhile you and I struggle to keep our yards alive and God doesn’t seem to even offer a glass of water.

Here’s what I’ve learned recently:

1. Things are rarely as they appear. I don’t know what’s actually going on in most peoples’ lives most of the time. Often, the people that seem to have it the most well off on the outside are actually facing deep struggles, but try to cover it over. You’ve met those people where you think – There’s no way they are actually that happy. There’s a good chance they aren’t.

2. Envy is dangerous. I have to stay focused on the path I’m walking. God may have me kicking up dust for weeks or years. As long as I am certain I am walking in obedience and following godly principles I can be confident I’m in God’s will. Sure, it may be a desolate road, but God has a purpose for the road I’m on.

If the rain isn’t falling on your plains just do your best to keep things alive in your yard. Keep praying. Read your Bible. Serve others.  It can’t not rain forever. (Was that a double negative?)  Keep your chin up and go watch My Fair Lady – that’ll lift our spirits while we wait for the clouds to start forming.

P.S. Helado is the Spanish word for ice cream.