Getting Burned…Again

Getting Burned…Again

There’s a fire deep inside of me.  But sometimes I’m almost certain it’s been doused. Smothered. Beat out.

But then…

I hear a song or my wife laughing. I see the sun rising over a snow-capped mountain. A profound warmth rises within my soul.

The flame survived.

That flame should have died a long time ago.  It’s been drenched with disappointment.  Pinched out with pain.  But still it blazes.

I’m certain that fire is a holy flame. There’s no other reason it could have survived.  It’s fed by the All Consuming Fire.  He’s burning strong; consuming all that shouldn’t be there and igniting endless hope within me.

Yes, that’s the only explanation really.  This is the work of God himself.

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you… 2 Tim. 1:6