How to Solve the Welfare Problem

How to Solve the Welfare Problem

Yesterday I tweeted about how I watched a man abusing the welfare system. It started quite a conversation on Facebook. Opinions galore. Someone commented that there is abuse and corruption at all economic levels. I agree. That statement reminded me of something.

Our family worked with desperately poor people in Guatemala, no safety net, no welfare. People lived in homes made of scraps of wood and cardboard. They were literally starving. But you could tell a distinct difference between the shacks of those who were Christians. Their dirt floor was swept; trash was picked up around their hovel.

Inside change always leads to outside change.

The problem with our world all goes back to one simple thing. Theologians call it depravity. At the core, all of humanity has a corrupted heart. The heart of the wealthy man is corrupt. The heart of the poor man is corrupt. My heart is corrupt. The government can’t solve that.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord…” (Pr. 19:17). Helping the poor is an act that God looks upon with favor. But I have to remember that is only scratching the surface. The ultimate solution is deeper – it’s spiritual. No amount of money or government handouts will ever solve that issue. People need Jesus.