My Delusions and Pop Psychology Jesus Books

My Delusions and Pop Psychology Jesus Books

It was one of those days. The only thought that kept rolling through my brain was: The world is doomed.

I was depressed.

I went to church. We took communion. They gave real wine. It caught me off guard, I’m used to grape juice. The wine was bitter. I was used to sweet.

Sitting there singing The Old Rugged Cross it crossed my mind. The world was doomed. But Jesus came. His life – start to finish – wasn’t sweet. Born in the manure, died a violent death, and in between it was lots of blood, sweat and weeping. That was bitter.

Who convinced me that abundant life is about peaches and ice cream and unicorns? It was probably my own delusions combined with a pop psychology Jesus book I read.

Jesus lived the most abundant life possible – he was in constant communion with God even to the bitter end. But his life was an ongoing struggle. That message isn’t going to be a crowd-pleaser. I want to drink grape juice. It has lots of sugar. It’s sweet. We all like that.

Life is wonderful. But don’t expect it to be easy. Rejoice in the good times and persevere in the bad. Jesus did. Now he’s sitting in glory. I will too…one day. Just gotta hold on.