Only Listen to Good-Looking People

Only Listen to Good-Looking People

Before I even entered the building I was struck by a really powerful masculine, citrusy scent. There was music booming as I came in. I was greeted by a ridiculously good-looking young woman. “Hi” she said in a coquettish tone. She gave me a seductive smile and handed me a paper promoting some event. I quickly broke eye contact.

A ripped dude in a tight shirt walked up and welcomed me. The look in his eyes made me feel like he was saying, Don’t you wish you were as hip as me? (In a Derek Zoolander voice.)

I looked down trying to avoid eye contact with the beautiful people as I shuffled on into the building.  I thought, Man these people are really cool. Glancing down at the paper I was handed I realized something. This wasn’t Abercrombie and Fitch! I was walking into a church.

Sometimes I get worried that we try too hard to be “cool” in the church. I’ve heard people use the verse that says, “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Sam. 16:7) They say we have to be visually appealing because that’s what the world looks at. Like that is going to convince people it’s hip to be a Jesus-follower.

I think that verse is more of a slap on the hand to remind us that we look at all the wrong stuff. Jesus was despised and rejected. (Is. 53:3) not cool and hip.

I’ll stop ranting, but I have to constantly remind myself that what draws people to Jesus isn’t how cool I am. It’s me accuratley representing Jesus’ character to the world around me.

I just have to be me and tell my unique story to those I come in contact with. That’s what draws people to Jesus.