Tears, Ego, Bragging and Humbling

Tears, Ego, Bragging and Humbling

A girl in a fitted grey business suit appeared in the doorway and walked past me in tears. I only had a moment to watch her though, because they motioned to me next. My turn with the editors.

I’m standing in the hall trying to find a phone signal. A middle-aged woman is sharing with someone the amazing revelation God gave her yesterday about her incredible gifts. She told the listener that God had told her “she had something important to offer the world.” I watched the listener’s face become more and more eager to share how important she was. She never got the chance.

I sat in a session on writing dialogue. It was really helpful, but kind of discouraging too. Now I have to go back through my book and fix all the rookie mistakes I made.

Tears, ego, bragging and humbling. That’s a writer’s conference for you. Heck, those words pretty much describe life too.

Here’s what I took away from my weekend at the conference:

  1. I shouldn’t take myself too seriously.
  2. If my book never gets published – it’s not the end of the world.
  3. Regardless of what I hear God “speaking to me” through my over-inflated ego – I’m not that important.
  4. I don’t have it figured out – I’ve got a lot to learn.

Those four realities can be discouraging or liberating. I choose to make it liberating. I just have to do the best I can with what I’ve been given, stay humble, remain teachable and enjoy life. That’s enough work to keep me busy for a lifetime.