It Can All Change in a Day

It Can All Change in a Day

I’m constantly reminded that literally everything can change in one day.

For months Emily and I have been praying and seeking God on several questions we have about our future. There have also been some specific things I’ve been asking God. Yesterday morning I commented to Emily that I was beginning to get frustrated that we still didn’t have clarity.

And then, we got a phone call and two emails. Change is on the horizon.

God moves quickly. But another thing I’m constantly reminded of is that all the good stuff tends to happen on the tail end of bad stuff. Like it was a test or something.

Tests (even open-book ones) stress me out. But I guess it makes sense really. Why would God trust me with bigger and better things if he’s not convinced I learned what I need to know in this season?

Life is a series of tests. God is in the process of making us who he wants us to be. As soon as he’s convinced we’ve passed he’s got great things ahead.

I have to remember that. I really don’t want to have to repeat a grade.

I also have to remember that as soon as God deems it to be the fullness of time he can change everything in one day.