Help Less People

Help Less People

Yesterday I came across those two pics up there. I thought about how God has used the two men in those pictures multiple times to speak into my life. My dad, my friend Wes and those two men are my most trusted confidants.

What’s interesting is:

1. You’d never know how deep those guys are just by looking at them.

2. Neither of those guys are pastors. They didn’t even go to seminary or counseling school. One works for a Nissan dealership. The other was an unorthodox missionary with a degree in electrical engineering.

My most trusted confidants aren’t super pastors ministering to thousands- they are normal guys who made time for me.

I think I have it all wrong most of the time. I always think reaching more people means you are helping more people. But actually, most of the time, it’s reaching a few people at a deep level that helps more people. If we all did that can you imagine what could happen on this planet?