Way Too Honest

Way Too Honest

I got a haircut yesterday. I’d never been to the lady before, but I figured I couldn’t beat a $5.95 haircut.

I noticed right off the bat that she was from the Philippines. She asked how I knew about her country. I told her I had been there.

“Oh, you must be military!” She said happily.

“No, I went there with my dad to visit a missionary.”

“Oh, there are so many military people there. I cut hair for lots of military people. I know how you like it.” She smiled, whipping out the clippers.

Before I could clarify she got to work and I realized the haircut was going to be high and tight military style. I resigned myself to what was happening and sat back figuring – It’ll grow back eventually.

Then she said something that made me uncomfortable. “Your hair is very thin. It is falling out as you get older.”

I didn’t like that comment. It’s true, but I didn’t like it. Crazy thing is for some reason I didn’t get angry. There was no malice in her voice. Just a statement.

She went on to tell me about her son who is “mentally retarded.” The term made me cringe. We aren’t supposed to say that word. But she was really open about it. She told me her husband had left her as soon as the doctors diagnosed their son with mental retardation.

So I’m sitting there thinking: There is just a little too much honesty flying around this place.

I thought about counseling sessions I’ve done with people. About how little of the truth actually comes out. We all do our best to look good – even for the folks who are trying to help us. It’s pride I guess. I do it too.

I know it’s not culturally cool to dump your life on people. But I wonder what would happen in this world if we got counter-cultural and started being more honest about our struggles. Maybe we could all get better quicker.