Ever Felt Like a Nomad?

Ever Felt Like a Nomad?

I went to the largest church in Cusco, Peru when we lived there. The pastor was talking about how many times the church has had to move. They started in downtown and now, five or six moves later, are way out in the burbs. He said that every time they moved he got nervous they’d have to start over. But they actually picked up new people from each place they’d been in Cusco.

I was thinking about all the places I’ve lived in the last few years. It kind of makes me look flaky to some I’m sure. But I’ve always felt it was God leading me when I moved.

I really value those who stay in one place. Sometimes I wish I could. But for whatever reason God seems to have called me (and Emily) to be nomads.

People often say, “I guess you leave pieces of you everywhere you go.” That statement makes me uncomfortable. Like I’m slowly falling to pieces.

I’ve decided I prefer to think of it the way that pastor did. I’m bringing new people along on my journey with every new place I live.

If God has called you to a life where you are moving a lot I encourage you to embrace it. It’s probably just for a season. But I’m certain God wants to teach you lots of things as you move around.