Onward Through the Fog

Onward Through the Fog

I used to feel really intimidated by those people who always “heard from God.” Growing up there was one lady who heard from him every Sunday at church. She’d stand up and tell us all what he was saying. He was usually mad at us.

I’m not intimidated anymore. I think that those people who hear from God all the time are probably making it up. Sure, God speaks. I’m pretty certain I’ve heard him. But (apart from the Bible) I don’t think he makes things as clear as people like that lady claim.

For me it’s been more like a walk through the fog. God speaks just enough to give clarity on the next step. It’s not like he’s calling through the fog. It’s more like an internal compass that says, “This is the way, walk in it.” (Is. 30:21)

I always check that compass against trusted people walking with me. If they agree, then we move forward. Sometimes I have to just stand there in the fog while I wait for the compass to calibrate. But eventually we move ahead.

I’ve found most of the people I admire most have had a similar experience. They are rarely 100% certain of what they are doing.

I guess what I’m saying is, following Jesus isn’t always as clear-cut as we want it to be. God wants us to depend on him. He wants to guide us. If we could see everything clearly we’d probably just storm ahead. The fog keeps us dependent on him.

So. Onward through the fog my friends!