Memories from Scotland

Memories from Scotland

My friend Margaret Feinberg just released a new book called Wonderstruck. In the first chapter she talks about her experience on a Summit Leaders trip in Scotland.

As I was reading it I was reminded of parts of the trip I had forgotten. For me the trip was really busy. I was always trying to stay a few steps ahead of the group to make sure everything was set up for them. But in the midst of all that thinking ahead God did some amazing stuff on the trip. There were quite a few wonder-filled moments.

Margaret calls them “pixie dust” moments. Those moments when God just does something cool, but he does it in such a natural way that you forget how amazing it was.

The book is reminding me that every moment in this life can be filled with wonder – I just need to stop and find it. God is always working. Always. Take some time and look around to see what he’s up to in your life. Don’t discount the little stuff. God is often in the little stuff.

You should pick up a copy of Wonderstruck. I’d say that even if I wasn’t mentioned in the first chapter. (hehe) The book is a great way to start this new year. There’s also a bible study that goes along with it.