Freezing in the Grand Canyon

Freezing in the Grand Canyon

I’m in the Grand Canyon right now.

“How are you blogging? Is there internet down there?,” you ask. Probably, the internet is everywhere Virginia. But I’m not using it.

Truth is, when I actually wrote this I wasn’t in the Grand Canyon. No, it’s December 23 at 4:40am. And now you’ve learned the blogger’s dirty little secret. You can write these suckers weeks in advance and schedule them to post whenever you want.

I’m probably freezing my buns off right now (I mean as you are reading this). As I’m writing this there’s a winter storm coming through the west. I’ve been getting nervous. I hope I’m not miserable. It’s going to be cold and we are sleeping in tents.

I started thinking.

How often do I think something is going to be really bad and hard but it turns out I really enjoy it. The answer: a lot. The reason is, I forget about a key element – people. Even when you are camping out in freezing temperatures, eating canned food and hiking twenty-two miles it’s amazing how pleasant the experience can be when you do it with people. We need people on our journeys.

Sure, people can be difficult. But they also make the journey really great. Especially, if you are introverted like me. We need regular doses of people to keep us mentally healthy.

Add that to your New Year’s resolutions this year – Hang out with people more. God sure loves people. We should too.

NOTE: Some people might need to make their resolution – Hang out by myself more. If that thought scares you, then you are probably one of the people that needs it most.