I’m Watching You Eat

I’m Watching You Eat

Have you ever noticed how vulnerable we are when we are eating?

We are usually seated. Our hands are busy. Our mind is preoccupied. And the fact that we are taking action to eat means our stomach had started to get testy.

What’s interesting is: We all have to eat. Strong people have to eat. Weak people have to eat. Rapists have to eat. Preachers have to eat. Despotic warlords have to eat. The poor and downtrodden have to eat.

For some reason, lately, watching people eat has really started to stir compassion in me. We are all desperately weak. We can’t survive without shoving sustenance into our pie hole.

Seeing people in that weak, vulnerable moment of eating reminds me that underneath whatever bad behavior or nefarious actions a person may be taking, they are still a creation of God. They are weak and vulnerable to a ferociously loving God who can crush and give grace at his will.

I am weak. You are weak. Anyone who thinks they are not isn’t looking at the facts. One simple one in fact. We have to eat.

But weakness isn’t so bad if you use the realization to press into a God who is very, very strong.

For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor. 12:10