I Met a 4’10” Giant

I Met a 4’10” Giant

I’ve been reading a book by my friend Terri. She moved to Guatemala about the same time my family did twenty-two years ago. She’s been there since with her ferociously godly husband Mike.

Her book tells the story of a guy named Tomás.

Tomás and thousands of people lived through years of hell during the Guatemalan Civil War. His best friend was beheaded. He buried numerous people from his church who were brutally tortured and murdered. His life was in constant peril from both the good guys and the bad. His village and home were burned to the ground.

His story is nothing short of amazing. In spite of all the tragedy recounted, it’s one of the most encouraging books I’ve read in a long time. Several parts of the book actually brought me to tears. The crazy thing is – I’ve met this guy.

He stands about 4’10”. He’s gentle. He’s humble. I only knew a little bit about him before reading the book.

But the man is a giant. A hero. He saved the lives of countless people because of his boldness.

Here’s what got me. I’m always complaining about injustice. Whine, whine, whine. Reading Tomas’ story makes me feel I need to repent. Any injustice I’ve seen pales in comparison to what this man has lived through.

Here’s what’s even more convicting. Tomas still lives and works with people who killed his friends and burned his home during the war. I really have no excuse for not forgiving people who don’t treat me right.

Thank God today that your life isn’t in danger. Thank God that your friends aren’t being beheaded. Thank God that we live in a country where horrific injustice is held at bay. We are blessed.

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