That One Thing You Keep Saying

That One Thing You Keep Saying

I want you to try something. Don’t think too hard. Just fill in the blank.

The single biggest thing holding most people back from being all God wants them to be is __________________.

What did you put? I put lack of perspective. My dad put desire. Another person I know put forgiveness.

Someone important, probably C.S. Lewis, once said: “Every life is made up of a few recurring themes.”

I’ll say it this way. I think we all have a unique message to share with the world. It comes from our life experiences and the passions that God has put in our heart. We all have a special call to share that message with the world.

I’m just guessing, but I bet that what you filled in up there goes right along with your life message. Why? Because your life message tends to slip it’s way into everything you do. When I’m taking to folks trying to encourage them I always find myself talking about perspective. My dad is always showing people how to desire more from God. My friend is always directing people toward forgiveness.

I think God puts us in certain people’s paths to share our life message.

If you’ve never thought about it before, maybe you should start. What’s your life message? You’ve got something special to share with us. We need to hear it.