Remembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

Last spring I forgot who I was for a while. You see I’m involved in lots of different things. I play music. I’m writing a book. I do missions. I do counseling. I lead teams around the world.

But somewhere over the previous year I got confused. I started thinking I was one thing, when I’m really another. It’s like my friend who’s a lawyer but really wants to be in ministry. He’s a good lawyer, but he doesn’t feel like that’s his sweet spot.

Last June I took Matt Chandler and a bunch of guys to hike the Inca Trail in Peru. On the second day I asked my friend Wes, “Are you having fun?”

He gave me a serious look and said, “This is not fun for me. But I love watching you do what you are good at.”

Something exploded in me at that moment. I realized that for whatever reason, God gave me a really strange skill set. I lead teams on life changing experiences around the world. I don’t do the life changing – God does, but I get to be part of making it happen. That’s something I do really, really well. It makes me feel alive and full of purpose. I have to raise support to do it and I’ll never make much money, but I don’t care.

I’m guessing there is something you are really, really good at. It may be weird and completely un-marketable. You may never be able to make money off of it and there will be tons of people that say you shouldn’t go after it because you can’t make a living doing it. I say – ignore those people. Do what God put in your heart to do. Make sure you are giving that gift a chance to bloom. The world needs you to be who God made you.