Avoiding My Father-in-Law

Avoiding My Father-in-Law

This month the Summit Life team is focusing on integrity.

I think one of the most important aspects of integrity is consistent living. I like to think I’m all hardcore about my beliefs in God and will always stand up for what I believe, but truth is – I get intimidated a lot and fudge on my stance.

Two men in my life come to mind when I think about consistency. One is my dad, the other is my father-in-law Glenn Holland. I’m not kissing up, really, I don’t need to. I already have his daughter (insert devious laugh).

But I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who lives so consistently with what he believes about God.

He and I have some different theological stances. We agree on important things, but there are some topics I’d just assume avoid talking to him about. Here’s why: The discussions are too challenging at times because I can’t say I live according to what I believe, but from watching him over the years I know Glenn does.

It’s hard to live consistently with your beliefs all the time. But I think our goal should always be to make sure our lives line up with our talk. We should always be open to new ideas and the possibility that we are wrong. But if I started living more in line with what I say I believe that would draw some serious attention in this compromising world. Attention that I can direct straight to God.

P.S. Living a consistent life only makes a real difference if your life is lined up with scripture. Ala, fruit of the spirit, beatitudes-style.