More Mufasa, Less Car Thief

More Mufasa, Less Car Thief

I was watching one of those police high-speed chase shows last week. In one sequence they were trying to pull a guy over for speeding. After he wrecked the car and caused all this damage they discovered it was a stolen vehicle. Funny thing is, the car hadn’t even been reported stolen yet.

If the dude had just stayed calm and drove the speed limit he might have gotten away with it.

It reminded me of a verse:

The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

Solomon wrote those words long before cars even existed. It must be a human tendency.

It got me thinking how when I do something I shouldn’t my conscience goes wild and I get all paranoid thinking people saw me do it. I do weird stuff to try to cover my tracks.

One of the most powerful benefits of walking in integrity is you don’t have to hide. You can be bold and confident because you are living in a way you wouldn’t mind showing to people. You can march around like Mufasa.

I’ve had my share of bold lion days. I’ve also had my share of days when I’m running while no one is even pursuing me (except my conscience).

I have to say, I like the lion days better.

Note to self: Integrity brings peace and confidence.