Seeing Myself on C-SPAN

Seeing Myself on C-SPAN

I was flipping past C-SPAN the other day. Yawn. But something caught my attention, so I stopped. A guy was facing a government investigation for breaking some banking rules. Some of the stuff he said trying to squirm his way out of being held accountable was just plain laughable.

This week the Summit Life group is focusing on accountability.

The interesting thing about accountability is: There’s no way around it.

You can either voluntarily submit to accountability before hand and avoid a rocky path ahead.

Or you can be called to accountability after you go off the rails and do something you shouldn’t have done.

The first option, though it may cramp your style, seems to be the least painful in the long run.

I don’t like having someone watching over my shoulder. But the truth is, I’m a feisty son-of-a-gun who has the potential for all sorts of evil in my wicked heart. I need someone watching out for me or I could be just as bad as that guy on C-SPAN.

Sure, you can have accountability and still break the rules or mess up. But it’s just one more layer of protection. I need that layer. And you know what? You do too.

Take the easier, less painful path. Submit yourself to accountability. Find someone to keep you in line.