Don’t Be Honest For The IRS

Don’t Be Honest For The IRS

Because as a missionary I’m considered “self-employed” by the IRS, I get the joy of seeing exactly how much the government is expropriating from me. I have to write them a check each year, rather than them slyly taking bites out of each paycheck.

As you can probably tell, I don’t like this process.

Because of the nature of self-employment there are some gray areas in reporting your income and expenses. There are lots of ways you could tweak the numbers on your taxes to save money. And believe me, I’m tempted to every year. Fortunately, I have a by-the-book CPA who keeps me honest.

It got me thinking about how easy it is to justify compromise. I think the government is a horrible steward of our tax dollars. I think they waste our money and overspend. I don’t trust them – at all. So it would be easy to justify not telling the truth on taxes.

Except that it’s wrong.

Integrity does what’s right, because it’s right – no matter what the cost.

I cringe every time I write a lump sum tax payment to the goobers in Washington. But I have to trust that doing the right thing pays off in the end because I’m doing it as unto God. Not the IRS, or Congress, or the President. God’s the one I’m living to please.