The Government Can’t Stop Gluttony

The Government Can’t Stop Gluttony

I was talking with a friend last weekend about the importance of putting guardrails in our lives to keep us from falling into dangerous sins. Things like internet filters and accountability partners.

We started talking about the fact that guardrails can only go so far in stopping us from bad behavior. They are still a good idea, but they will never solve the real problem. Truth is, you can make all the rules you want, but if I want to do something wrong I can always find a way around the rules or guardrails.

That’s why the government will never solve the integrity problem in our country. Integrity is a heart issue.

You can limit food portions all you want, but if people want to pig out – they will (that’s called gluttony).

Take away a gun from a man with murder on his heart and he’ll use a knife.

Tell someone they can’t smoke pot, they’ll smoke some other mind-altering drug.

Integrity can’t be forced on someone. We need rules that enforce good behavior, but integrity (doing what’s right when no one is watching) has to come from a deeper place. It’s a heart issue.

If you are fighting an ongoing sin in your life, the power you need to overcome it won’t come from a personal rule or a guardrail. Don’t get me wrong. You need those. But the power you need comes from God’s grace. Tap into his power, walk with him, and you’ll find yourself wanting to do what’s right.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. 12:9