When You Run With the Bulls

When You Run With the Bulls

One day I hope to run with the bulls in Pamplona. So I’ve been reading up on safety rules. Rule #1 is:

If you go down, stay down and cover your head. Do not try to get back up.

They say every person who has been killed running in recent years didn’t follow that one simple rule.

Yes, people die doing it. But in spite of the danger, I still plan to run with the bulls.

Here I am talking all brave about running with the bulls, but what’s funny (or maybe tragic) is – I frequently don’t try things that actually have eternal significance for fear of ending up flat on my face or being trampled. I’d wager I’m not alone on that.

So I have to remind myself of this: If I run with the bulls and end up on the ground I’ll cover my head and wait for the chaos to pass. Then I’ll get up, dust myself off and start bragging (humbly of course).

“Hey, I ran with the bulls!”

All the people on the sidelines who weren’t brave enough to try will look at the dust and hoof prints on my previously white shirt and say, “Ooh.  I wish I could do that.”  To that I’ll respond.

“You can.”

(I’ll actually say: Si, se puede!  ’cause it sounds more inspirational and they speak Spanish in Pamplona.) 🙂