It Happened on a Plane

It Happened on a Plane

The exact GPS coordinates of where it happened remain unknown to me. But somewhere in the air over Venezuela God set me free from something that’s been sucking my joy and creativity for quite some time.

I say God set me free then, but the truth is I probably chose to be free for the first time in a while. God did his work a while back. Two thousand plus year ago actually.

I was beginning to enjoy the bondage. The whoa-is-me-I’m-a-victim status. It was actually becoming safe and familiar. It was a great excuse for my fear of moving forward. “I can’t be better yet, I need time to heal.” Yes, lots of time to heal.

I did need time, but I knew that time was over in January. Since then I’ve been wallowing. But in that acceptably maintained old MD-80 airplane I looked out the window and it hit me.

I’m free of this.

Makes me wonder: How many other things am I actually free of that I keep allowing to suck the joy out of me because I’m afraid to let it go? Afraid to face the new future?


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36