Begging My Father-in-Law for Money (Help)

Begging My Father-in-Law for Money (Help)

My father-in-law forwarded me an article about money management this morning. The natural response to a letter like this: “Grr. Does he think I don’t know what I’m doing?”

So I picked up the phone and called him.

But it wasn’t because I thought he was attacking me. No, it’s not that way with him and me. I talk to him regularly about finances. I had been intending to call him anyway.

He and my father both have their financial house in order, even though they both have very different strategies and incomes. I depend on both of them.

The article my father-in-law sent me and the subsequent discussion probably just helped me avoid a lot of turmoil.

I’m going to listen to his advice.

If you want to be wise you’ve gotta get around wise people. We can learn from everyone. No one bats a thousand in every area of their lives, but it’s usually pretty clear when someone has it together in a particular area.

Family. Finances. Career. Ministry.

Look for someone who’s got it going on in the area you need help and then pump that mentor for wisdom. Great thing is, when you do that you’ll have someone else in your corner looking out for you – like my father-in-law.

When you get a letter about money management you won’t be offended. You’ll actually feel safe because you’ve got someone watching out for you.