The Formula You’ve Been Looking For

The Formula You’ve Been Looking For

When someone asks me, “What do you do for a living?”  and I tell them, one of two things happens:

1) They say, “That’s neat.” Then change the subject.

2) Their eyes get wide and I can tell they are one of those people. (more on that Friday)

The next question they invariably ask is, “How do you get into that line of work?”

I tell them I started the organization. Which leads to the final question:

“How do you start something like that?”

I usually say, “Just start.”

I realize that answer seems completely unhelpful and maybe even a bit cocky, but I usually don’t have time to explain the circuitous, often-frustrating, fun-filled journey it’s been. I’m guessing those folks are really asking what I used to ask a lot, “What’s the formula for doing something for God?”

I’ll give those who ask some basic pointers on stuff I learned the hard way and continue learning. But I always have to remind people of something:

There is no formula.

I think God does something unique in each person so that we learn to depend on him for direction rather than formulas.

Sure, there’s practical stuff you can do and lessons you can learn from others. But I can guarantee you, what God put in your heart is something unique. Every person has a unique problem to solve and message to share with the world for God’s glory.

Rather than looking for a formula, look for the One who gave you the dream to do something great.