Your Degree Means Nothing

Your Degree Means Nothing

Here’s a letter I got last week in response to a blog I wrote:

So, how do we discern if discomfort is fear/insecurity or evidence He’s got something else for you somewhere else?

I’ve struggled for the past 2 years about getting a teaching position. I’m here now and hate it. It does not stir my affections for God, but rather exhausts me in every way, which I’m sure would lead to an exhaustion of our marriage. SO, is this sanctification, or is it reasonable to assume God didn’t ask me to take the job (…I just assumed I needed to?)

Here’s my response:

Well. I think there’s comfort and then there’s calling.
You want to find your calling, but not your comfort. Comfort leads to apathy. Calling energizes you.
It’s quite possible that teaching is not your calling. Learning what is and is not your calling can be an uncomfortable process, but pressing on just for the sake of being all hardcore is of no value to you or the people you are teaching. Some of the most miserable people I’ve met are making lots of money doing something they hate because they have a degree in it.
Just because you have a degree in something doesn’t mean it’s your calling. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Am I counseling? Not in a traditional sense, but the knowledge I have is still valuable. So don’t feel like what you’ve done up to this point is a waste.
You didn’t ‘miss’ God by taking the job. I’m certain. God can’t be missed if you are seeking him and I have no doubt you and your hubby were.
But that doesn’t mean he makes everything work peachy. Sometimes he intentionally leads us into uncomfortable situations so we learn something he wants us to learn. Seems like that may be happening. But in my opinion, if you have the ability to get out of a situation once you realize what’s happening – GET OUT! If you aren’t supposed to get out it’s God’s job to tell you.
The best thing you can do is find your calling and walk in it. The world needs you to walk in your calling.