Adding That Major 7th

Adding That Major 7th

When I was learning to play guitar in Guatemala I would grab any sheet music I could find and do my best to play the chords listed. There was one particular song I loved called Cuan Bello Es El Señor. (It’s still my all-time favorite song in Spanish.)

The first chord was a Dmaj7. I knew how to play a D, so I just played that instead. Eventually I learned how to play a Dmaj7 and I couldn’t believe what it did for the song. It had lots more flavor.

Learning the Major 7th opened me up to a whole other level of music.

So last weekend coming home from climbing Pike’s Peak I boarded a crowded airplane. I was exhausted. I didn’t want to talk and I had been moved to a crappy seat. I was actually kind of depressed to be going back to our semi-lonely life in Tomball, TX.

But something in me kept saying Talk to that guy next to you. So I asked him what he was reading.

After several minutes of lively discussion I discovered this guy was a missionary kid from Mexico.


He wrote the song Cuan Bello Es El Señor. No joke.

This dude is the first friend I’ve made since moving. In five days he has already connected me to lots of other cool people.

Tomball, Texas is looking a lot brighter this week.

You may have already figured this out, but friends bring flavor to a dull, lonely life. If you want to live an extraordinary life you can’t do it in solitude. Step out, be bold and make new friends.

You never know what might happen.

The world is full of possibilities.