Busted for Looking at Stuff on the Internet

Busted for Looking at Stuff on the Internet

A friend confronted me last week for some things I’ve been looking at on the internet.

I have an app that sends him a list of all the websites I look at. It keeps me honest.

But last week, he had to write me.

I was freaking out. “What! Really, I didn’t look at anything bad.”

After doing some research I discovered Emily had looked up a movie on IMDB. That had led her to another page that had some pictures of an actress (but nothing questionable).

That page got flagged.

I got confronted.


It got me thinking about accountability.

The most influential guys I know have lots of it. And I’m talking really intrusive accountability.

But they accept it because they know it allows them to get somewhere great and stay there.

I started considering other areas of my life. Sure, I’ve got the “big” sins covered. But what about the sins we all find acceptable. Like materialism. Is someone going to invent a materialism accountability app?

SIRI would speak up and warn you, “Jo-el I have noticed you are buying things that have no eternal value. Are you sure this is how you should be using your resources?”

I doubt many people would download that app, especially if you had to buy it.

I’m getting too preachy now.

But I do think it is imperative that we have one or two friends in our lives that are willing to call us out when we get out of line.

Embrace accountability. It’ll take you far and keep you there.

Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. Pr. 27:6