One Creative Mopho

One Creative Mopho

My brother has started a new business.

Unlike most things that originate in his mind, I actually understand this one.

You see, Jonathan is super creative. He comes up with stuff that I think is bizarre.

For a while he had a DJ mixing trance music behind me while I spoke at our college group. It didn’t work out so well. Me being a drummer, I started speaking in rhythm, causing people to fall asleep. (At least that’s the reason I give for them nodding off during my riveting sermons.) Plus, people just thought it was weird.

I still think it was a great idea. Just a little ahead of its time.

He’s had lots of those ideas. But most of them I don’t understand.

Exhibit A. He started a website showing people church stage design ideas. That website gets half-a-million views per month.


I have no freakin’ clue. Apparently there are a lot of people looking for stage designs.

Who knew.

Somehow Jonathan picked up on that.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my brother. There are ten trillion things out there that have never been invented or tried. If you tap into just one of those things, you just never know what might happen.

God is a creative God and he loves to work through us. Keep your mind open.

Try new things.

Stay creative my friends.

In the beginning, God created… (Gen. 1:1)

Check out my bro’s new business: