How to Make $1000 Even When “The Man” Is Against You

How to Make $1000 Even When “The Man” Is Against You

When I was fifteen I designed a shirt for my school and started selling them.

I had barely even started when I got called into the school director’s office. (A place I regularly found myself.)

“I’m sorry Joël, you can’t do that.” The director said.

“Why?” I asked.

He paused for a moment. “Uh. Because, you don’t have permission.”

“Why do I need permission and how do I get it?”

The director gave me a perplexed look. He told me to come back later.

Round 2: The school board president was there backing up the director. He reiterated that I couldn’t do it.

“Why?” I asked, once again.

I got another perplexed look from the two men.

“Uh, you don’t have permission.” The school board president said.

“So, how do I get permission?”

“Uh. We’ll get back with you.”

Eventually they came back with a list of hoops I had to jump through. I did and made nearly a thousand dollars on those silly shirts. (That was a lot of money when converted to Guatemalan Quetzales.)

This was my first experience with naysayers. I soon came to learn that most people that keep things running are naysayers. Mostly because they are managers, not entrepreneurs. Their job is to keep things the way they have been. It’s not their fault, they are just doing their job.

That’s fine really. We need people to hold society together with stable, non-wavering dedication to systems that are in place. But for people who like to get creative those folks can be an obstacle.

Here’s what I’ve learned about dealing with people like that:

  1. It’s always easier to get pardon than permission.
    People who don’t think outside the box will always say no before they know why they are saying no. Just do it, then ask for forgiveness later if you get in trouble (unless it is against the law, of course)
  2. Push through them.
    If they say no, don’t take no for an answer. Ask them what it will take. They will probably have to go huddle up with all their other crusty system peeps and come back with a list of hoops you have to jump through. But hey, at least then you’ll know what it takes to do what you want to do.

If you are going to pursue what God put in your heart you are going to have to get used to hearing people say NO. People will always tell you no. It’s the lazy answer.

Push past the no. Get creative. Do what God put in your heart.