My Mom, A Tiger and Jackie Kennedy

My Mom, A Tiger and Jackie Kennedy

I’ve had some awkward situations when traveling with my mom. Because she looks really young and beautiful people often think she’s my wife. People always tell her she looks like Jackie Kennedy.

Some people tell me she intimidates them. “Your mom carries herself like royalty.”

It’s funny to me, because the image that comes to my mind when I think of my mom is not some dainty little princess.

I see a woman who would wake up early on Tuesdays and work her way through a crowded Guatemalan market to get the freshest meat possible off a recently slaughtered cow hanging by a meat hook in the open air. She’d soak all our vegetables in iodine and keep an immaculate house to make sure her family stayed healthy and free of Central American stomach bugs.

That’s my mom.

I often underestimate people. I look at some people like they are little kittens and don’t realize there is a tiger on the inside.

The most extraordinary people in this world are the ones who can look past outside appearances and see the power inside each unique individual.

I have to remember that people are capable of more than I give them credit for. Add the power of God working in each person and every human is capable of doing amazing things.