A Way To Never Fail

A Way To Never Fail

Fresh out of college, with no experience, I started leading backpacking teams around the world. I did no advertising and had full or nearly full teams every time.

I stopped for a while and got my Master’s Degree, then I decided to go back at it full force. I poured lots of money into advertising. I promoted and made tons of connections. I was certain the organization was gonna explode with growth.

After thousands of dollars and hours and hours of promoting we got one person. I was devastated. I had failed.

That happened in 2008. The year the economy tanked.

I have this theory. It has two parts:

  1. I think sometimes God will lead us into failures that are divinely directed. He actually lets us fail. I think it’s part of him making us who we need to be.
  2. Whenever God is about to lead us through a failure he always gives us something we can blame. A person, a circumstance. It’s a chance to test us. To see if we will own up to our part and learn something or if we’ll shift the blame to some external cause.

I’ve done both. I’ve blamed myself. I’ve blamed others and circumstances.

If you want to live an extraordinary life I think you have to master the skill of figuring out how much responsibility to take for things. Failures and successes.

When you accept responsibility, however big or small, rather than running from failures and blaming others you lean into it as God teaching you something new.

And that turns a failure into a powerful learning experience. Which I think ultimately makes it a success.

Nothing is a failure if you can learn something from it.