All I Want For Christmas is More Hair

All I Want For Christmas is More Hair

My hair is getting thinner. I was looking in the mirror this morning and a thought crossed my mind. I should start praying that God re-grows my hair.

You probably think that is a ridiculous thing to think. I did too.

But then a story in 2 Kings 6 came to mind. A dude is cutting down a tree and the iron head of his ax falls off and into the river. Elisha the prophet is standing by and actually makes the axhead float.

There’s some deep symbolic stuff hidden in that story, but in my mind that is a ridiculous miracle. But it serves as a good reminder of something my friend Mark Batterson says:

To the Infinite all finites are equal.

There’s some stuff that I just write off as impossible because it’s not something God would bother with. I think. But God made an axhead float.

Some of the most extraordinary people I know aren’t afraid to pray ridiculous, bold prayers. They pray for stuff that is clearly impossible. Crazy thing is, I see lots of those peoples’ prayers coming true.


Will God re-grow my hair? Who knows. God decides how he gets the most glory. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to start praying and believing for something ridiculous. The worse thing that could happen is someone will tell me I’m a moron for praying for something like that. But I’ve been called worse things than that.

Extraordinary people pray ridiculous, big prayers.